3.5" Floppy Diskette Duplicator

On-site duplication enables you to ensure a secure and controlled duplication environment and eliminates delays from out-sourcing. This system automatically moves the blank diskettes from the input bin to the diskette recording drive, and finally to an output or reject bin. This allows unattended duplication of a single master disk, multiple master disks, or data files stored on a network server. Another possible application includes transferring data from disks to hard drives. 

3.5" Floppy Diskette Copier

& Specifications

Copies 44 Disks per hour
Unattended operation
Choose 50 to 150 disk capacity option
Separate Reject Bin
Drive Cleaning Mode
Bit by Bit Verification
All Popular Formats Supported
Window Margin Option

Product Manuals & Support

Standard Speed Drives (only)
100% duty cycle
Dimensions: 8"H x 17"D x 8"W
Shipping Wt. 25 lbs.
Power: 120/220V
CE Mark

PC Connected Model:
Requires a serial com port on the host PC. Windows 2000 and XP only. 

Available as standalone or PC Connected. Choose the capacity that meets your needs (50 - 150 disks).

Also available as a Forensic Data Collector (PC Connected only)