MiniMax Disc Copier

Best Value and Performance Office Disc Copier. This is the fastest machine in its class of disc duplicating systems. The streamlined design incorporates years of technological advance to give you the most economical and reliable desktop solution available.

 MiniMax Disc Duplicator                                 MiniMax Single Drive             

& Specifications

50-150 disc capacity
Choose 1-3 CD and/or DVD recorders
CD Recorder Speeds up to 52x
Recorder Speeds up to 16X
Network support for remote job submittal
Optional: Business Card or "shaped" CD or DVD

Product Manuals & Support
Software and Hardware Requirements

Host PC
2.2+ Ghz processor 400+Mhz
1+ GB installed RAM
Windows 2000 or XP OS
Available PCI slot(s) for firewire card(s) for Firewire recorders
Parallel (LPT) printer port for printer
USB or Serial (COM) port


Choose the capacity and number of drives that meets your needs. The more the drives, the faster your job can be completed. You may mix CD and DVD drives.

Optional to integrate a CD / DVD Label printer.

MiniMax with Label Printer

Also available as a Forensic Data Analyzer


Disc Capacity


 MiniMax 50-1    501 CD-R and/or DVD±R 
 MiniMax 100-1 1001 CD-R and/or DVD±R 
 MiniMax 100-2  1002 CD-R and/or DVD±R 
 MiniMax 150-2   1502 CD-R and/or DVD±R 
 MiniMax 150-3 1503 CD-R and/or DVD±R 
 MiniMax Print Station  100 0 (printer only)
 Forensic Data Analyzer & Printer 50-100  1 - 3 CD-R and/or DVD±R