MiniMax FAQ

When recording I get the internal CD writer ejecting rather than the Mini-Max or I get invalid parameter error msg when it starts the job.

Usually this means that the software is detecting compatible drives other than the one(s) physically mounted in the Mini-Max. From Windows Explorer, right-click each CD-Rom and determine the drive letter(s) of the recorder in the Mini Max. The loader considers the top drive in the Mini-Max as the first drive. Once you have determined the drive letters restart the Disc Copy Plus Software. At the first startup screen click Setup button. At the Drive Sequence window specify 'Manual' then enter the drive letters of the recorders in the Mini-Max starting with the top drive and working your way down.

Tech Note: Changing the drive letters in Disc Management doesn't bypass this step because Disc Copy Plus uses Host Adapter# and ID# to enumerate the drives. This info doesn't change when you change drive letters in Windows.

Upon startup I see this message: 'CdPainter not found in default path'

CdPainter is CopyPro's CD label design software.

Your choices are install CdPainter and specify the location to Disc Copy Plus or change the loader configuration to specify no printer.

Install CdPainter into the default directory from the CopyPro Installation CD. At startup of Disc Copy Plus specify the location of CdPainter using on screen prompts. It should be c:\program files\copypro\cdpainter .

You can respecify the location under the 'settings' menu under 'printer setup' (Disc Copy Plus version 3.24 and later.)


How do I change the Mini-Max configuration to add drives, alter the location of a drive, or add a printer, etc.

The Mini-Max uses a command and response interface from the Serial port. Text commands can be sent directly to the loader from either sercom.exe (a CopyPro utility) or HyperTerminal (built into windows). First close Disc Copy Plus or any other program that might be using the Serial port the CopyPro is attached to. Launch HyperTerminal. Establish a 9600 Bits Per second connection to Com1 with 'Flow Control' set to 'none'.

At the flashing underscore type KL <enter> (<enter> means push enter key, what you see on the screen might not correspond exactly with what you typed. No hitting backspace. Nothing will appear on the screen until you hit the enter key)

Then type TM <enter> to enter teach mode. There are a variety of options. Use 2 to add or remove drives or printers.

See CommandSetV4_5.doc for more detail on manual control of the duplicator.


Upon startup the Firewire drive in the Mini-Max has disappeared from Windows and the CopyPro software.

Make sure it is not cable disconnected or the power not turned on, otherwise . . .

Shut Down the computer and power off. Turn off Mini-Max. Disconnect firewaire cable from Mini-Max. Turn Mini-Max and the computer back on. After computer completely booted back up plug the firewire cable back in "Hot". Drive should reappear in my computer.

An alternate method that sometimes works is to not power down and disconnect but simply manually eject the recorder with the eject button, then hit F5 to refresh your Windows Explorer window.


The PowerPro 2A Thermal printer doesn’t print.

If the active light comes on when sending a print file but printer doesn’t print try changing the parallel port mode in the computer Bios. The settings that work are ECP and Normal (output only). EPP and ECP+EPP do not work. Some faster computers only seem to print in ECP mode.

Also see PowerPro section for additional setup tips.

Autoloader robotics are not being used by Disc Copy Plus.
It always says ‘Hand Load’.

Even though you check the use loader check box at startup another setting take precedence within the software. Start the software in hand load mode, select Disc Copy, go to the ‘settings’ menu then select ‘loader setup’, specify the serial (com) port the loader is connected to (usually COM1) then restart Disc Copy Plus.

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