MiniMax Quick Setup Guide

Best Value and Performance Office Disc Copier. This is the fastest machine in its class of disc duplicating systems. The streamlined design incorporates years of technological advance to give you the most economical and reliable desktop solution available.

Hardware Setup

Place components on a flat surface and attach cables as pictured

Power off all components and disconnect power cable before making connections.

System requirements:
  • 1 Serial (COM1) port for sending commands to robotics.
  • 1 Parallel Port for sending print data to printer
  • 1 Firewire Port for CDR/w or DVD-R drive(s).
  • An additional cable connects autoloader and printer

Software Setup

CdPainter Label Design Software Installation

1) From supplied software CD (in the binder) install CopyPro CDPainter Software by running it’s Setup.exe. Hit ‘Next’ repeatedly accepting the default settings.

CD Printer Driver Installation
*(Only systems equipped with inline CD printer)

2) Install CD printer drivers using Windows ‘Add Printer’ wizard from the printers folder in control panel.

Parameters: Local Printer, Do not detect Plug and Play, LPT1, Not Shared, No test page. Continue installation when asked about Digital Signature.

When Asked to specify Manufacturer and model click ‘Have Disk’ and then browse to the printer drivers folder on the CopyPro CD for thermal printer.

Disc Copy Plus CD Duplication Software Installation

3) Install CopyPro Disc Copy Plus CD duplication software by running it’s setup.exe. Hit ‘next’ repeatedly until install program completes.

Software Configuration

Thermal Printer Driver Settings

Open the ‘Printers’ folder (Win2K) or ‘Printer and Faxes’ folder (XP) from control panel.

Right Click CopyPro Powerpro 2A and select ‘Printing Preferences’

Click ‘Advanced’ button

Recommended settings

Print Quality = 300 x 600 DPI (*note: 300 x 300 prints faster)

Color Printing Mode = Monocolor (B&W) for Black Ribbon

Color if 3 panel color ribbon installed

Print Strobe = 30 for Black Ribbon; 80 for Color Ribbon
(*note: Strobe setting varies from media to media. Try different settings.
Goal is lowest setting that still prints)

CD Painter Settings

Getting Graphic image centered on the disc.

In CDPainter draw a circle. Holding shift while drawing it will draw it as a true circle. Start with the cursor on the center X.

Print the drawing by manually loading a disc into the CDPrinter and selecting ‘Print’ from the file menu.

Look at printed results. If image needs to be offset in any direction adjust ‘Print Positioning’ under settings menu.

Disc Copy Plus settings

Tell Disc Copy Plus which CD-R/w are in the MiniMax based on drive letter. The top drive in the MiniMax comes first. From ‘My Computer’ right click each CD-Rom and choose eject. Remember which drive letter corresponds to each drive.

Start Disc Copy Plus and at the first screen Click ‘setup’ button

Click ‘Manual’ and enter the drive letters for the drives in the miniMax from starting with the top drive first. Only specify drives that are physically mounted in the MiniMax Autoloader.

Later versions need the serial port specified from within the program before it will use the autoloader. Start up Disc Copy Plus, select Disc Copy from the jobs screen then select 'Setup Loader' from the 'Settings' menu. Specify serial port Mini-Max is connected to (usually COM1)

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