ProMax 400 Disc Publisher

The ProMax 400 Disc Publisher delivers the performance and flexibility no other system in this industry can match. You can rely upon the ProMax 400 for photo quality printing, fast and efficient auto-loading operation, large volumes and extended feature software. The ProMax 400 will meet your CD and DVD production needs for years to come.

CopyPro ProMax 400 CD-DVD Copier                          CopyPro ProMax 400 Disc Publisher                  CopyPro ProMax 400 CD Duplicator  

& Specifications

400 disc capacity auto-loader
Patented high speed robotic handling 
4 Drives: CD and/or DVD
CD Recorder speeds up to 52x
Recorder speeds up to 16X
Input, output and reject disc bins

Thermal or dye-sub, photo quality printing*
Camera assisted cell specific printing*
*depending on optional printer

Easy view internal lighting
Quiet operation
Industry leading technical support
Low cost, future upgrade design
Made in the USA  

Performance Monitoring Tools 
Remote Node Job Submission Tools
CD/DVD Mastering Tools
Production Management Auditing

Software and Hardware Requirements

ProMax Duplication Software included 
Unicode filename support 

Windows 2000, XP Professional, Win 7
SATA or USB 2.0 Interface
2.8+ GHz Processor
1 GB Memory
800 M Hz FS Bus
Up to 7 USB 2.0 ports (5 for duplicator; 2 for printer and/or camera)

Dimensions: 30"H x 23"D x 15"W**
Shipping Weight: 48.5lbs**

Power: 100-120 / 220-240 V / 50-60Hz
Consumes 500W max 
Operating temperature: 60-86 F (15.5-30 C) as limited by recorder drive.

** not including optional printer.


The ProMax 400 is available with and without these components:
  • PowerPosition Disc Print Orientation Software and Camera
  • CD Painter Label Design Software
  • DiscCopyNet Network Authoring and Remote Job Submittal Software option
  • VersaBurner Professional and Network Client
  • Customizable API
Printer Options
CopyPro ProMax 400 Disc Publisher