Forensic Data Collection Systems
Automated Disc Processing and Data Recovery

Our Disc Duplicators combined with InfinaDyne CD/DVD Inspector Software are professional tools for computer forensic investigations requiring analysis and extraction of data from CD, DVD and 3.5" diskette media. Automating these otherwise laborious tasks saves time for forensic examiners, data recovery technicians and law enforcement professionals involved in disc processing and evidence recovery and collection.

MiniMax Disc Duplicator      MiniMax with Label Printer  3.5" Floppy Diskette Copier

Forensic Disc Analyzer with Auto Disc Loader

Model: CPFDA-100
  • Configured with InfinaDyne CD/DVD Inspector Software and CopyPro's Evidisc Software
  • Examines and archives discs
  • Stores data to hard drive or network
  • Locates hidden files
  • Calculates MD5 hash codes for each file and entire disc
  • Allows for MD5 calculation results to be compared with Hashkeeper has sets
  • Displays sector and searches the disc surface for data in hexadecimal or character
  • Shows the contents of multiple file systems on the same track (e.g. ISO 9660/Joliet/HFS)
  • Supports HFS and HFS+ format
  • Displays CD Text and ISRC/RID information for audio discs
  • UDF disc volume information display includes timestamp when disc was mastered
  • Operates unattended 
  • Bulk processes up to 100 discs per run
  • Choose 1-3 CD and/or DVD recorders
  • CD Recorder Speeds up to 52x
  • DVD Recorder Speeds up to 16X
  • Network support for remote job submittal
  • Host PC
  • 2.2+ Ghz processor 400+Mhz 
  • 1+ GB installed RAM 
  • Windows 2000 or XP OS 
  • Available PCI slot(s) for firewire card(s) for Firewire recorders 
  • Parallel (LPT) printer port for printer 
  • USB or Serial (COM) port

Forensic Disc Analyzer with Label Printer 

Model: CPFDA-100 PRO

Add a high speed thermal label printer to the duplicator for streamlined production and  produce professional quality discs labeled with department name, logo, file names and MD5 information.

Includes all the features of the Auto Disc Loader, plus:
  • Prints labels directly onto disc surface with case specific information (CD Painter label software included)
  • Enables unattended publishing of evidence files like encase onto labeled discs
  • Operates also as a standard DVD CD duplicator with disc label printing (DiscCopyPlus Duplicator software included)
  • Copies evidence files to CD/DVD Media
  • Labels all disc copies with MD5 & Case ID information

Forensic 3.5" Diskette Data Collector

  • Fast, systematic high volume Diskette-to-file processing
  • 44 disks per hour
  • Diskette to file system that supports computer forensic standards
  • Load up to 50-150 diskettes at a time
  • Reads diskette and writes diskette image to PC's hard drive
  • MD5 code created and logged for each diskette
  • 150 disk bin set  (50 disk bin set is standard)
  • Replacement floppy drive
System Requirements
  • Computer with 1GHz (or faster) Intel or Athlon processor
  • Windows 2000 or XP
  • 1GB hard drive capacity
  • 256MB RAM
  • Serial port
  • USB port