RMA Request Form

If you encounter a problem with your machine, we want to hear about it! Many problems can be solved without sending the unit back to us. If we do need to work on the machine in person, we will send you a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Number. CopyPro will not accept any returns without a pre-issued RMA Number.

Please complete the form below.

Important Fine Print

In-Warranty Service

In the event that a CopyPro product is defective within the warranty period, it can be returned to us for in-warranty service. Please submit the RMA Request Form. After we verify your information, we may authorize you to return the product by issuing a RMA number. We will repair the unit and return ship via UPS Ground.

In the case we find any returned unit or unit component not to be in-warranty, we reserve the right to invoice all service costs.

Out-of-Warranty Service

CopyPro will invoice all repair costs and any transport costs for out-of-warranty machines. We will not accept any return without an RMA Number. CopyPro also reserves the right to refuse requests for out-of-warranty service. 

How to Ship Your Unit to Us

After obtaining an RMA number from us, package your machine in the original box in the original packaging material. If the original box is unavailable you may purcahse a new one and have it shipped to you. Do not use "Popcorn" unless instructed to do so.

Write the RMA Number on the outside of the box.

Do not ship accessories like cables, removable spindles or hoppers, manuals, or include any other loose items in the box that can shift and damage the unit in transit. Such damage is not covered by the Warranty.

Ship your machine to us prepaid with insurance for the replacement value of the unit. 

We'll provide these instructions to you on your RMA form as well.